Vistage Purpose

Vistage exists solely to help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families, and community.



Established in 1957, Vistage has solidified our reputation as the world’s most trusted executive coaching company. Our core formula of peer groups of executives from non-competing industries, backed by one-to-one coaching, has driven our Members to significantly outperform their competition through boom markets and recession.

Our goal is to improve the effectiveness and to enhance the lives of NWA-based business owners, CEOs & senior executives.


The world’s most trusted resource to CEOs and Key Executives to help them become better leaders and deliver better results by refining their instincts, improving judgement, expanding perspectives and optimizing decision making.

THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES OUR MEMBERS FACE ARE COMPLEX AND NUMEROUS: Their markets are global; their workforces are more diverse and their competition is steep. While the Vistage formula proves year after year to be the most effective way for good leaders to make great decisions and achieve great results, we continuously refine and grow our platform to equip our Members to surmount every new challenge and reach ever-higher levels of success. Vistage NWA launched in June 2016. Today, there are three actively-functioning peer group advisory boards covering Benton and Washington Counties.